Wednesday 30 March 2011

Right Royal Cockup

If The Queen knew what kind of service Royal Mail were offering to their customers, do you think she would stake her name against it?  We all have stories to tell about how post has gone missing, and we've had 2 pieces go missing in just 2 months.  And that's only the ones we know about!  The first caused my car to be missing it's tax disc for a few weeks - potentially leading to a fine - and the second caused our car insurance to be cancelled outright because the insurance company didn't receive proof of our NCB.  Now we're out of pocket because of their incompetence and we can't prove a thing!  Even if we could, I guess there's no redress available, so as a consumer we're all at the mercy of a company without opportunity to use a real alternative.  I guess when you pay pence for delivery of a letter, we shouldn't expect too much by way of a guarantee.

Furthermore, it's sad but I can't see it improving any time soon.  With the dreadful influence of the unions involved, I can't see how "Royal" Mail can modernise and we can all get a more reliable service.