Monday 12 May 2014

10 things most annoying about lists of 10 things

1. Lists of 10 things that contain more adverts than content.

2. Lists of 10 things that take you to websites that you probably shouldn't be visiting on a work computer.

3. Lists on websites that contain more lists that look like they could be interesting - see point 1.

4. Lists of 10 things that suck you with enticing offers of things you want to read and then utterly disappoint you with irrelevant content.

5. People who think you can achieve inner peace/work with a difficult boss/save your marriage by reading a list of 10 things.

6. Getting to the end of lists of 10 things without finding one you like.

7. People who post lists of 10 things on Facebook.

8. The fact that lists of 10 things seems to be the new way to blog about anything.

9. Lists of 9 things, when you were promised 10.

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