Tuesday 13 May 2014

A call out of the blue

A few weeks ago, I had a call on my mobile which showed a local number.  I didn't know the number but answered anyway to hear the voice of an elderly sounding gentleman asking for me by name.  My suspicions are always aroused because this is how most sales calls start, but not this one.  He had my number because I had given it to him on a scrappy piece of paper at the roadside a couple of months previously after I witnessed him and his wife in a car accident.  Having been involved in an accident myself where I was not to blame, I wish someone had stopped for me and offered their independent view point.  Had there been witnesses to my accident,  I would not have had the hassle and the expense of fixing someone elses mistake.

So after we'd established who he was, I discovered he was simply calling me to say "thank you".  His insurance claim had since been finalised and he told me he'd given up driving.  He said it wasn't because of the accident, but I suspect it was certainly a factor.  It got me thinking about how the actions of random people can have such an impact on our lives.  Sometimes we notice it, but I am sure there are many times when small random actions by strangers go on to change the course of our lives without us even noticing it happening, or having a chance to "thank" them.

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