Thursday 27 April 2017

Broadband Progress

Over the last few weeks, visible progress is being made to the long running Coldingham broadband story.  A new fibre cabinet and a new PCP cabinet have appeared outside the telephone exchange near the doctors surgery, and after the roadworks last week, it looks like it is also now connected to power.  Unfortunately, the position of the "fibre" cabinet means that only those residents in the centre of the village will get the fastest speeds via FTTC.

The progress website from Digital Scotland is also now updated to show the correct stage of the build, after it was stagnant for a long time and I prodded them!  As I write, it currently shows that we're at the "Connect" stage.

There's other evidence around the village for eagle-eyed broadband spotters!  This picture was taken close to the Coldingham Bay beach carpark, opposite St Vedas.  It shows fibre tubing (the tube that real fibre optic cable gets "blown" though) coiled at the base of a pole.   It looks like certain properties in that area will be getting full-fat fibre to the premise (FTTP). Lucky them!

Caution overhead fibre

Interestingly, and possibly related, it seems like Vodafone now has a much stronger 4G signal in the village, and I hear reports that Three also has 4G signal now too.

Let me know if you see any further progress!


  1. There is 4G on 3 in Coldingham, but they keep on working on it, and its again been down for about 3 weeks now in Lawfield (there is no signal at all there unless it is 4G, and Priors Walk is 4G Dead. I have tweeted 3 to find out what is going on. Still no Fan's running in the Fibre Cabinet in the Village, Digital Scotland went from July to December back to End of June for Fibre, but I think this is being really optimistic! I have asked BT for a date they are wiring the cabinet but as usual not a squeak from them. Be suprised if the beach people are getting FTTP - Id expect it to be rather sluggish if its about a mile from any exchange.

  2. Looks like the date has slipped to "by December" (2017). No surprises. But I'm told that go-live for FTTC is looking like September. No news on FTTP, although those pictures were taken down by the beach, and the checker confirms it, so it's definitely happening. Speed isn't related to distance with FTTP, so shouldn't be an issue with them being far from the exchange.

  3. Any further progress your aware of Chris?

  4. Some additional fibre installed on poles at Cairncross (more FTTP) but nothing else I've seen or heard. You?

  5. Seen the BT Van next to the surgery a few times and 1 guy up the pole outside the anchor, but other than that it seems hard to get any information from anyone.

    1. Looks like the online checkers are reporting that FTTC is available in the last few days Keith...I'm still on an EO line, not connected to the cabinet, but other numbers in the village show as available now.